Dreams’ Time Capsule

2011 – in progress

Blog: www.dtcproject.wordpress.com

Dreams Time Capsule is a research and participatory project attempting to create an audio archive of dreams, collected with the direct participation of visitors during public events in museums, universities and art spaces. The audio archive until today contains about 2086 dreams testimonies recorded in different countries from Europe to Latin America, from the Middle East to Africa.
The first step of the project consists in collecting dreams during a series of events where the visitors are invited to record inside an inflatable structure. This was ideated to travel easily in a suitcase, around the continents.

[the structure of the DTC project was designed in collaboration with Michele Tavano and its production was supported by Arkitekturmuseet – Stockholm]




Texts (selected):

  • Ritratto dell’artista da giovane/Portait of the Artist as a Young (Wo)Man, by Marcella Beccaria, 2014 (Italian/English)
  •  “A unique way to interpret dreams” by Agnieszka Piechoska, 2014, (English)
  • “Dreams’ Time Capsule project in Riga”, by Zane Onckule, 2013 (English)
  •  “L’ampia visione di Eva” by Stefania Crobe, 2012 (Italian)
  •  “L’archivio dei sogni…” by Helga Marsala, 2012 (Italian)
  •  “Materialising impalpable, volatile states”, by Elisa Tosoni, 2012 (English)
  •  “Dreams’ Time Capsule”, by Bryan Zubay, 2012 (English)
  •  “The trip begins”, by Magdi Hassan, 2012 (Arabic/English)