[Installations, structures in iron, 8 photographs with frames, prints on Hahnemuhle paper, dim. 180 x 55 x 51 cm]

Lamine (Foils) is an ongoing series of archival installations that enclose pictures selected from my photographic archive. Each structure contains a selection of 8 photographs addressing specific themes that recur in my projects.

In Lamine#01, the non-places collected in different years through Europe, India, the Middle East and Latin America are represented by suspended atmospheres of a long journey. Challenging places to decipher are the subjects of the continuous exploration of the evocative and meaningful power of the image.

Lamine#02 collects a corpus of images realized between Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom and it focuses the slightness as a human condition, as a reflection of the general spirit of precariousness in Europe. The selected photographs show objects linked to the case of events, poised between moments of unexpected beauty and possible disaster.


Alberto Peola Gallery, Turin, solo show Eva Frapiccini. Selective Memory | Selective Amnesia, 17.04.2015 – 20.06.2015

Artissima Art Fair, Stand Alberto Peola Gallery, 2015

MA*GA Modern Museum of Gallarate,  solo show Dancing in the Memory Palace, 3rd December 2017 – 22nd April 2018


 Il Gioco delle antitesi (The Game of Anthesis) by Cristina Baldacci