[site specific installation in public space. Mixed Media installation: video with images from different archives, 10 Led Digital Boards with texts in Italian and English]
Art project realized under the invitation of the festival ON. Luci di Pubblica Piazza” during the Bologna Art Fair.
Weaned is a public art intervention commissioned by ON.Luci di Pubblica
Piazza, and focusing on the perception of time through personal
experiences. It arises from the need to unveil the connection between
the awareness of the life cycle in the relationship with the place we
live. A narrative project made of pictures and words, dedicated to Piazza
Verdi. “Weaned” is the result of an investigation conducted during a
series of nights spent in the square, in the town archives, in the libraries,
in the town documentation centres, looking for tales and visions
from both past and present, in order to generate a rumour. Different
images of the same place are projected under the arcades flanking the
streets that end in Piazza Verdi. At once, the square and the eyes that
depicted it shift in time. Light displays are also reproduced, containing
pieces of conversations held between the artist and the passers-by.
The work was introduced by the workshop “Palestra d’arte pubblica”.
ON. Luci di Pubblica Piazza, curated by Martina Angelo and Anna De Manincor,  Piazza Verdi, Bologna, 2011