[site specific installation in public space. Mixed Media installation: video with images from different archives, 10 Led Digital Boards with texts in Italian and English]

Weaned is a public art project realized under the invitation of the festival ON. Luci di Pubblica Piazza” during the Bologna Art Fair. I started from a series of interviews with the inhabitants of Bologna. The question ’Where are you, and where are you going to?’ unveils the connections between someone’s life cycle and that of the city he/she lives in.
In fact, only children answered by indicating places or actions, possibly because of their lack of experience in relation to the past, as they have not yet reviewed the correspondence between their desire and reality-reflections, these, typical of adults.
Their attitude pointing to the every day and the suffering generated by history and personal experiences. There’s a real connection between one’s history, and the history of a square, between the consciousness of one’s past and the long history of a city like Bologna.


ON. Luci di Pubblica Piazza, curated by Martina Angelo and Anna De Manincor,  Piazza Verdi, Bologna, 2011