Lamine (Foils)#01


[Installation, structure in iron, 8 photographs with frames, prints on Hanhemuhle paper, dim. 180 x 55 x 51 cm]

“Lamine (Foils)” is an archive installation that consists of a selection of 8 photographs taken in different years through Europe, India, the Middle East and Latin America. The suspended atmosphere of a long journey between places is difficult to decipher, the result of a continuous exploration of the evocative and meaningful power of the image.


Alberto Peola Gallery, Turin, solo show “Eva Frapiccini. Selective Memory | Selective Amnesia”, 17.04.2015 – 20.06.2015

Artissima Art Fair, Stand Alberto Peola Gallery, 2015


 Il Gioco delle antitesi (The Game of Anthesis) by Cristina Baldacci