[solo show] Scratched Surfaces, ICI Italian Culture Institute, London / 9th February – 2nd March 2018

[solo show] Dancing in the Memory Palace, MA*GA Gallarate/ 3rd December – 22nd April 2018

[Group show] Deposito d’Arte Italiana Presente, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa and Vittoria Martini, Artissima, Torino, Italy

[talk] Pricing the Priceless – Research Seminar, 25.10.2017, University of Leeds, Uk

[talk] Women in collection, Leeds Art Gallery, organized by Contemporary Art Society, London, Uk / 19.10.2017

[press] Mappe, Les liaisons dangereuses, critical text by Andrea Bruciati, July 2017

[press] Juliet, P.P. – Eva Frapiccini, interview with Angelo Bianco. May – June 2017

[group show] L’ Altro Sguardo. Fotografe Italiane 1965-2015, curated by Raffaella PernaTriennale di Milano, Italy / 05.10.2016 – 08.01.2017

[event] Nosadella.due, Bologna, Italy. Che valore ha un sogno / Nosadella.due leaving-house party, curated by Elisa del Prete, 05.10.2016 – 08.10.2016

[solo show] CONTEMPORARY LOCUS XI – EVA FRAPICCINI, curated by Paola Tognon, Chiostro del Carmine, Bergamo, IT, 09.09.2016 – 18.09.2106

[group show] La fotografia addosso. Marco Pesaresi e i 15 anni del premio, curated by Silvia Camporesi, Si Fest Savignano Immagini Festival, Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy / 09.09.2016 – 27.09.2106

[solo show] Dreams’ Time Capsule projectYorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, UK, 21.07.2016 – 31.07.2106

[double solo show] Eva Frapiccini, Golden Jail | Discovering Subjection / Pasqua Vorgia, Traces, BOZAR, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels / 17.06 – 04.09.2016

[talk] Public spaces as social glue. BOZAR – Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels / 16.06.2016  / with Eva Frapiccini ( artist participating in SOF/Bozar), David Bravo (European Prize for Urban Public Space & editor of publicspace.org), Tobias Zielony (photographer participating in SOF/Goethe Institute) and Els Vervloesem (Architecture Workroom Brussels)

[solo show] Dreams’ Time Capsule project, Sikka Art Fair, Dubai, United Arab Emirates / 18.03 – 20.03.2016

[talk] Eva Frapiccini Artist Talk: Dreams’ and Systems of Memory, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates / 21.03.2016

  • Eva Frapiccini (Visual Artist and Ph.D. practice based in Fine Arts, University of Leeds, the United Kingdom), in conversation with El-Sayed El Aswad (professor of Anthropology at the UAE University, Department of Sociology), Janet Bellotto (Associate Dean College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University), and Alexandra Helen MacGilp (curator at the Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah).

[Residency Program] in collaboration with FARE Milan at the Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah (UAE) / March 2016

[solo show] Magnifici Misteri (Magnificent Mysteries) was included in the group show Trilogy, curated by Francesca Comisso, Alberto Peola Gallery, Turin, Italy, 17.02 – 25.03.2016

[Shortlisted work at the Bologna Art Fair] Arte Fiera 40. Great Italian Art as seen by Art Galleries

[Group Show] Alberto Peola Gallery, Turin, Italy, 16.12.2015 – 13.01.2016


[Exhibition Review] ARTE magazine, Ecco Artissima, by Pia Capelli / November 2015

[Art Fair] ARTISSIMA 2015, stand Alberto Peola Gallery, Turin

[Publication] Working Geographies. Resò International Art Exchange Residency Program, Mousse Editions, 2015

[Award] Artist selected for Premio Fotografia Italiana Under 40. Fondazione Fotografia Modena and Sky Arte, UniCredit & Art

[Group Show] VILLA OLMO, COMO (IT), “Com’è viva la città. Art & the City 1913-2014”, group show curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio / July 17th – November 29th 2015

[Exhibition Review] EXIBART, “Selective Memory | Selective Amnesia…, by Marianna Orlotti / 22.05.2015 / text in Italian

[Interview] ARTRIBUNE, Dialoghi di Estetica, interview with Davide Dal Sasso, 14.05.2015 / text in Italian

>[Exhibition Review] ARTRIBUNE, La verità mutevole di Eva Frapiccini. In mostra a Torino, by Marco Enrico Giacomelli / 28.04.2015 / text in Italian

[Essai] CURATE ARCHIVE, Model of Functional Organization of the Human Memory, with Alfredo Paternoster (philosopher), Eva Frapiccini (artist), Clara Madaro (moderator)
English / Italian

[Talk] DIOGENE BIVACCO URBANO, TURIN (IT), “Collecting People | L’arte di pensare”, talk with Alfredo Paternoster (philosopher), Clara Madaro (curator) / 23.04.2015

[Exhibition Review] ATP DIARY, Intervista con Eva Frapiccini su Selective Memory | Selective Amnesia by Matteo Mottin, / 22.04.2015 / text in Italian

[Solo Show] ALBERTO PEOLA GALLERY, TURIN (IT), solo exhibition Eva Frapiccini. Selective Memory | Selective Amnesia, text by Cristina Baldacci / April 17th – 20thJune 2015

[Group Show] CECILIA, TITO, POTENZA (IT), group exhibition Re-aCT Uomo Natura|Uomo Magia, curated by Amnesiac Arts / 29th July – 30th September 2014

[Group Show] CASTELLO DI RIVOLI MUSEO D’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA, RIVOLI (IT), group exhibition Ritratto dell’€™artista da giovane | Portrait of the Artist as a Young (Wo)man, curated by Marcella Beccaria / 10th June – 21st September 2014

[Group Show] SANDRETTO RE REBAUDENGO FOUNDATION, TURIN (IT), group exhibition Da Guarene all’Etna 14, curated by F. Maggia / 21th May – 14th September 2014

[Group Show] FACT MUSEUM, LIVERPOOL (UK), group exhibition Science Fiction: New Death / March – June 2014

[Exhibition Review] IL SOLE 24 ORE, ArtEconomy24, Torino, la giovane fotografia italiana si scopre diversa alla Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, di Sara Dolfi Agostini / 2nd June 2014

[Exhibition Review] IL GIORNALE DELLE FONDAZIONI, La mappa non è il territorio, interview with Stefania Crobe / May 2014

[Exhibition Review] L’INKIESTA, In mostra i graffiti cancellati del Bahrein. E non solo. text by Elisa Pierandrei / May 2014

[Exhibition Review] DOMUS, We-Traders, text by D. Sirvent / May 2014

[Group Show] FESTIVAL ALWAN 338. FOUNDATION, MANAMA, Bahrain, curated by Alexandra Stock, Al Riwaq Art Space, March – April 2014

[Residency Program] MANAMA, BAHRAIN / Residency Program February – March 2014