[5 Posters spread in an advertising campaign, Performance, Sound-piece]
[ideator and director: Eva Frapiccini /
choreographer: Veronica Olivotto Skiba /
graphic designer: Lucas Rampazzo /
musician: Enka /
performers-breakdancers: Natha Gouverneur, Hicham Mahdoufi, Darnel Raphael]
The project compiles a multiplicity of media and it was conceived as a final work for my residency programme at the Nac Foundation in Rotterdam.
From the study of the Dutch Iconography in XVII Century, I created 5 different posters that were spread in advertising campaign to invite people to the performance.
The performance explores the alternative skills of expressions used by youths belonging to the third or second generation of immigrants of former Dutch colonies (Suriname, Sierre Leon). I organised a one month-long laboratory with 3-4 breakdancers, I was interested to find an alternative kind of language, like music or dance, outside any regulation or educational system (i.e. breakdance, rap). With a coreographer, we invite dancers to test theatrical expedients such as the “gradi di tension” (literally “degrees of tension”), a technique used to explore inner and outer tensions of the body.
For the performance I collaborated with a composer to use also the “inburgering test” (transl. “the citizen test”), used from 2004 to assess both the social integration level and knowledge of the Dutch language and culture of “migrants” .

Around the Corner residency, Nac Foundation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands